Online Customer Help Area

Online Customer Help Area

For the past year we have been working on a Customer Area within our web site, where customers can log-in and access all kinds of helpful guides, information and answers to questions that might arise.

Today we are launching a unique Customer Help section, offering access to market-leading assistance, bringing a whole new level of professionalism to after-sales service and support:

How do I…?
Videos and helpful information on how to operate, clean, take down and refit all types of blinds, as well as simple tasks like how to replace a spring or handle.

Detailed diagnostic help guiding anyone through the process of identifying what kind of problem they may have, how it has occurred and the correct resolution, including images and videos, as well as in-depth explanations.

At the end of each of these sections, customers can contact us using an online form, as well as upload photographs, allowing us to provide the most relevant and cost-effective support and assistance without the need to wait for someone to visit them, and the associated costs involved.

There are also other sections, such as Recommend a Friend and Submit a Review, but another great feature that we now offer is for situations where a blind has been damaged...

Return a Blind
In the event that a customer has a problem with a blind that needs repair, rather than paying for 2 visits for us to take down and return a blind to the factory and then return to refit it, customers can now return a blind to us by post, saving themselves over £150 and weeks of delays.

From now on, all customer queries will be conducted through this section of the web site so that we can ensure that we have all of the information necessary when dealing with customer support, before providing any advice, and thereby ensuring the highest standards of service.

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