A Year to Train a Conservatory Blinds Installer

A Year to Train a Conservatory Blinds Installer

Quite rightly, our customers expect the best, and so do we when it comes to Conservatory Blinds Installers.

We are currently looking for new Installers to join us, but we don’t just give them a 6-week “crash course” and let them “sink or swim”, like pretty much everyone else.

It takes a year of training and experience to become a professional conservatory blinds installer and meet our standards, so we really do expect to find someone wanting a long-term career. Most people don’t realise how complicated it can be to measure and fit specialist conservatory blinds – in fact, just yesterday a customer, called us wanting to fit his own roof blinds, saying that “surely it's just a case of drilling a few holes?”

It really is a lot more complex than that:

For a start, you need to know exactly how to measure, so that the blinds will fit correctly, which is easier said than done in most UPVC roofs. If there are shapes involved, it starts to get particularly difficult, as the angles will vary (just half a degree difference will mean a blind won't fit). If you want to perfectly align the flat tops at the apex of shaped blinds, then there is literally no tolerance for any error at all.

Timber conservatories present different challenges, because they are often not square and have twisting rafters, so blinds that have not been measured properly simply will not fit at all, so would need to be altered or re-made.

You also have to bear in mind that blinds are not two-dimensional; they have a thickness that projects them into the conservatory slightly, so would you know what reduction to make when measuring neighbouring blinds? There are often also tie-bars, roof mouldings, box gutters or other obstructions that need to be considered. How would you overcome these without large gaps or it looking like it has been bodged?

Then there is the rather fundamental matter of knowing exactly where to drill without causing damage to your conservatory, knowing exactly what drill bits, depth of drilling and the type of fixings are best for that conservatory. There are hundreds of different conservatories and bead shapes, so would you be confident not to cause a leak, break the glass, hit a steel ring beam, or drill in the wrong place?

Another problem is that you often cannot get a fixing where you need to, because there is nothing structural to drill and screw to - what do you do then? We have solutions to all of these problems because we have developed unique blinds, clips and mounting profiles, as well as having specialist fixings just for conservatories.

Of course, this is without even considering the complexities of motorised blinds and their electronics...

Unlike other blind retailers, we do not believe in using subcontractors. Instead we invest a great deal of time and money training our Installation Team: in fact the first 6-8 weeks of training are spent on site with another experienced installer just learning the basics. The next 3 months are spent installing conservatory blinds in simpler shaped conservatories, with on-going training at our factory or on-site with other installers, followed by more months learning their trade in complex conservatories and orangeries.

Hopefully you can now see why it really can take a year for a new Installer to have been trained in all aspects, and some two years of working day-in day-out with conservatory blinds before they have experienced virtually all of the possible variables. Even after all of this time, there is specific additional training for the most complex situations.

Most of our employees have been with the company for around 10 years (or more), so if you’d like to join our team, or want to buy blinds from real experts, then please contact us.

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