Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service

A few days ago we were asked to provide more information about our Maintenance Service, so we are clarifying why it makes such good sense and offers great value for money.

Why is it required at all?
The roof of a conservatory accumulates a lot of dirt and dust. In open plan areas (particularly kitchens) you also have the added problem of airborne grease and fat. All of these contaminants find their way onto the fabric, cords and micro-cables of your roof blinds; so, unless you keep them clean and well-maintained, these contaminants will eventually affect how your blinds operate.

Why do we offer it?
We offer a maintenance service that helps to keep your roof blinds in top condition so that they continue working well. It is particularly important if you have remote control conservatory blinds because most problems that arise are due to dirty drive cords, which are obviously not covered by guarantee. Our maintenance service is exceptionally thorough, although we obviously don't wash them for you!

What are you paying for?
This is not an extended warranty - just a maintenance service to help ensure that your blinds are kept clean, well maintained and in proper working order. We do not make money out of this service so, if you prefer, you can do it yourself by following the instructions in your Care and Maintenance Booklet.

When is it required?
All conservatories vary in atmospheric conditions so you don’t literally have to carry out maintenance every year exactly to the day. We recommend that maintenance is carried out before or after the Spring/Summer ‘fly season’ (actually January is by far our most popular month for maintenance service appointments).

If you know that they are in a harsh environment then you will need annual maintenance as an absolute minimum, whilst very clean environments may be suited to maintenance every other year. We suggest annual maintenance as a rough guide, but some conservatories need it more often than others - only you will know for sure and can book your appointment to suit.

What happens if you don't maintain your blinds correctly?
Dirty blinds will start to slip or stick at certain points and may even twist as they operate; in serious cases they will stop working altogether. Your guarantee requires the blinds to be correctly maintained, so any service calls due to lack of maintenance are charged for (which can be double the cost of a planned maintenance visit) and, unlike a pre-planned appointment, you will need to wait for us to be able to arrange a suitable visit.

We offer our Maintenance Service with 3 different periods:

One Year – you can buy a single visit which you can choose to use at any time during the first 5 years of buying your blinds. If you intend to carry out the maintenance yourself, this is a good option as we can show you all the correct details to follow in future whilst actually carrying out the maintenance.

3 Years – this entitles you to 3 maintenance visits and is the most popular choice as you receive a free visit when ordering this option when you first buy your blinds. You can choose to arrange these 3 visits at any time during the first 5 years of buying your blinds... in fact many people spread these visits in such a way as to have them fully maintained at the end of the 5 year period, so they know they are unlikely to have any problems for at least another year or two after that.

5 Years – just as per the above, you get a free visit but will also be saving money by paying for at today’s prices, rather than the cost in 5 years’ time. This is ideal for conservatories with a drier atmosphere, where lots of dust and airborne contaminants are unavoidable. You can choose to arrange these visits at any time during the first 5 years of buying your blinds.

Our maintenance service means that you can pre-empt any problems with your blinds and book an appointment in advance when it suits you. We even offer it as an option for manual roof blinds too.

People love our maintenance service because it offers complete peace of mind.

Basic Conditions: We need clear access and your blinds cannot be over 4.5 m high, plus we need to visit during our normal working hours, but that’s it.

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