What Hours do Conservatory Blinds Fitters Work?

What Hours do Conservatory Blinds Fitters Work?

If you read our news article explaining how varied our factory working hours can be, you will be even more surprised at how varied the hours can be for our Installation Team, and how much hard work is involved.

Generally speaking, our installers work Monday to Friday from around 8.00am until 5.00pm… often finishing much later during the summer and much earlier during the winter. Weekends require our installers to take deliveries from the factory and arrange their work for the following week.

Conservatory blinds fitters rarely take anything other than a short break during the day. During the hotter times of year they struggle to keep cool and need to drink a great deal because of the extremely high temperatures they have to endure.

At this time of the year our installers are extremely busy because of the Christmas break. Not only do some people want to have their conservatory blinds installed in time for Christmas, but we also need to survey for new orders; if we didn’t then those orders placed in December would be delayed by many weeks – in addition to the 2 weeks shutdown. The other limitations at this time of year are:

As you are no doubt aware, the traffic is much heavier in the lead up to Christmas, which means that travelling times are increased, and parking can be much more difficult. This can result in much longer working hours due to extended travelling times, or even fewer orders being installed.

For the past few years we have experienced unusually inclement weather, including high winds and long periods of heavy snow/ice. Even when the roads have been cleared (which is not always done) it still leaves local roads being impassable, especially if on a hill. On top of this, the effect on traffic is significant and once again means that our installers have to work longer hours, sometimes only to find that they cannot reach their destination due to snow, ice or extreme traffic congestion.

Whatever the weather and however light the traffic may ever be, the one limitation that cannot be overcome is the short daylight hours during winter. If we can start work early (and not be delayed by waiting until after taking children to school) then at most we have 7-8 hours daylight. Most conservatories have low levels of lighting and there comes a point (normally after 3pm) when the lighting is so poor that we risk making mistakes, perhaps by something as simple as reading our tape measure incorrectly.

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the hard work that goes on throughout the year, but particularly how difficult it can be during the winter. This is why we rely on you being as flexible as possible with appointments so that we can provide a faster service and be much more efficient.

If you would like to find out more about Our Team and the people that work at Conservatory Blinds Limited, please browse our site - there's lots more information available.

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