Mitred Mounting Profile

Mitred Mounting Profile

To quote Rolf Harris…can you guess what it is yet? Don’t worry if you can’t; it’s an extreme close-up of our new Motor Mounting Profile that has been mitred to fit neatly into internal corners, rather than being square-cut and leaving a gap in the corner.

At survey our installers can now request that we provide this mounting profile ready-mitred.

Because the innovative design for this unique mounting profile already sets the pitch of the roof blinds at the appropriate angle, there is no need for a complex compound-mitre to be carried out on site, which means that we can provide pre-mitred profile, cut to the correct length.

This even works when the internal corners are not exactly 90 degrees, or even if they aren’t completely plumb. As long as we have the correct detailed survey, we can provide the very neatest installation for motorised roof blinds.

Because only Conservatory Blinds Limited actually designs and manufactures components specifically for conservatory blinds, we can innovate completely new solutions that no-one else can even come close to - because everyone else buys in standard blind systems that aren’t designed specifically for conservatories.

If you would like to see the attention to detail that makes us so unique, visit our Unique Technology page and find out more, or contact us for a free quotation.

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