Powder Coating Custom Colour Conservatory Blinds

Powder Coating Custom Colour Conservatory Blinds

Unlike any other blind company, Conservatory Blinds Limited has its own custom finishing workshop with full powder coating facilities based in Ashford, Kent, so that we can provide all aluminium components and custom colour blinds in any colour to perfectly match your conservatory.

Obviously custom powder coating significantly adds to the cost, but the difference can mean everything, and last week was a good example where we had to match a colour slightly darker than our standard Cream colour rails.

We often encounter conservatories that need non-standard colours, yet other blind retailers have just quoted on standard white or dark brown rails that would look atrocious or, even worse, have not told the customer that none of the components will actually match.

We also sometimes come across retailers that are proposing domestic quality blinds that have been wet-sprayed. The quality of painting and complete lack of preparation beggars belief.

Powder coating rails requires a great deal of specialist equipment, materials and experience. If you are offered this by any other blind company, you can be certain that they will either have to subcontract this to a specialist (which would add many hundreds of pounds to the cost) or will actually wet-spray the rails – something that they do not have the equipement to do properly.

When it comes to powder coating, the costs include the powder itself. It has a very short shelf-life so you should always order blinds for your entire conservatory for it to be cost-effective. For us to just powder coat your window blinds, will probably cost nearly as much as if you had all of your roof blinds powder coated as well.

Unlike any other blinds, this means that all of the aluminium components will match your rails as well, including brackets, clips, and mounting profiles. They won’t easily chip or scratch like painted finishes either.

Don’t forget that, even with powder coating, the UPVC components will have to come from one of our 9 standard colours because they cannot be powder coated. This is normally not an issue because we have the widest range of standard colours in the UK, but it needs to be considered.

To find out more about our unique custom finishing service, contact us for a free quotation.

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