New Website

New Website

As is probably quite obvious if you have visited our website before, this is our all new design.We have tried to make the site easier to use and navigate, as well as make it more informative and provide a lot more images.

Each page has its own multiple image sliders, so each page is like a mini-website in itself, with relevant text and links. It’s got something of a magazine style about it.

The video page is now showing all of the videos hosted on our YouTube Channel (previously we hosted them on our own server and used a third-party video player). Now that YouTube seems to have drastically improved its speeds and increased quality, it is a good option.

The Image Gallery has additional filters to search by, making it much more helpful if you are looking for a certain conservatory style. Then there is the Technology section: it offers a much more in-depth look at what we excel at – our main USP’s as it were.

We would welcome any and all feedback - what you like and what you don’t like - anything that can help us to improve the website and our service.

Rather embarrassingly the redesign has taken us over a year to complete. Some of the delay has been due to moving to a new private server (which was essential as we experienced too many problems with shared hosting) but it really has taken most of this time to redesign and implement all of the changes.

Even now there are still many missing components that we will subsequently be introducing now that the site is live, so please keep visiting and watch for the improvements.

We hope that you enjoy the new website.

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