Customers Happy with Their Cooler, More Comfortable Conservatory

Customers Happy with Their Cooler, More Comfortable Conservatory

We've had another positive review from a recent customer - this time from a couple in North London who came to us looking for blinds for their conservatory. The couple had already been using their conservatory for several years, but after having to experience the heat of the summer sun in their south facing conservatory they decided that blinds were desperately needed to control the heat.

After speaking with a member of our sales team, they decided to go for Duette® Blinds in both the roof and sides of the conservatory. After getting the blinds fitted by a member of our installation team, they sent in this positive review through our website:

"I 'found' this company after doing a Google search and I was very impressed with the site and the positive customer reviews.

Howard the sales rep who came to give us the quote explained about the different types of blinds available, but without the hard sell (which I loathe). We were surprised that we could afford the Duette blinds.

Matt came and measured them and then fitted them. He was courteous, very professional and explained the blinds operation well.

I would not hesitate in recommending Conservatory Blinds Ltd. We are delighted with our blinds which are making a considerable difference in our south facing conservatory."

A south facing conservatory gets the most sunlight throughout the day, making blinds all the more important. You can see from these photos the difference in the amount of sunlight that comes in through the conservatory roof when the sun is directly on it; without the blinds that strong sun would be causing the conservatory to heat up to uncomfortable levels, but now the couple can keep using it throughout the day in comfort. As they had blinds installed across the entire roof and sides of the conservatory, they will be protected throughout the day as the sun moves through the sky.

The Duette® fabrics will also come into use during the colder months, where their double-layer structure will help insulate the conservatory during winter, keeping it warm and comfortable throughout the entire year.

If you'd like advice on the best blinds for you - with just friendly advice and no hard sell - contact a member of our sales team today and see what they recommend.

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