Warmest May Since Records Began

Warmest May Since Records Began

The Met Office has reported that last month was the hottest May since records began over 100 years ago, with an average daily temperature of 17°C (63°F). Of course now that we are in June and summer has begun, we can only expect these temperatures to increase as the year goes on.

While the UK weather has always been temperamental on a day-to-day basis, even during the height of Summer, it does show that the problem of heat build-up is one that is only getting worse. The hotter days mean that any room with a large amount of glazing, whether that be a conservatory, garden room, or even an extension with bi-folding doors or a lantern roof, will soon see the effects of heat build-up and can start to become uncomfortably warm throughout the day.

The report also says that we had the sunniest May since 1989, with 245.3 hours of sunshine across the entire month - that's just over 10 days' worth of solid sunshine! All the extra sunlight means that glare and UV damage are also larger problems, and will be throughout the year.

These problems are only going to get worse over summer, so now is the time to find a solution. Our made-to-measure blinds combat all of these problems; reducing heat build-up, protecting your furniture and flooring from UV damage and reducing glare. They also have the added bonus of being designed to let in enough light to keep the room bright during the summer, so you don't feel totally cut off from the wonderful sunny weather.

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