Positive Feedback During the Cold Weather

Positive Feedback During the Cold Weather

We've had a new review from recent customers in Berkshire, who had our pure™ Pleated Blinds fitted in the roof of their conservatory at the end of last week while it was snowing. The customers had only had their blinds for a day but were so happy with how they had changed the atmosphere of the room they sent through this feedback the next day:

"We have just had our conservatory blinds fitted. I can not recommend this company enough. We were dubious as have had bad experiences in the past with trades, but have to say from the sales to the fit it was a perfect experience. There was no hard sell, the survey was extremely professional and the fitter was lovely and did a terrific job.

We have a 4m x 4m conservatory. The back of the house is open plan, so found that in the winter we have been losing a lot of heat. We decided to try blinds to see if this helped with this problem. We haven't had them fitted a day, we are in the middle of the coldest spell of the year, and already the difference with the heat in our house is massively noticeable.

I felt I had to write this review, I hope it helps other people if they are not sure and are in the same position as we were.

We had other quotes from other companies which were ridiculous, almost as much as we paid to have the conservatory built. So when conservatory blinds quoted, we were pleasantly surprised. The blinds are lovely, good quality and as we wanted. And as mentioned before, everything from the sell to the fit was as described, extremely professional.

I am happy to say that this will not be our last order from this company, and look forward to dealing with them in the future."

As they mention in the review, controlling temperature was a primary concern for these customers. Roof blinds were therefore an obvious solution, as the majority of all heat in a conservatory leaves through the glazed roof. We were able to neatly fit our pure™ Pleated Blinds into the roof, so that any gaps that would allow heat to escape are kept to a minimum.

The blinds were fitted during the heavy snowfall last week - meaning they could instantly see the benefits of the temperature control the blinds offer.

This will also help once spring and summer arrive and the days get warmer and brighter; the blinds will help prevent heat from building up in the room (the fact that they opted for a dark grey fabric will help with this) making the room comfortable to use, but at the same time they will still let in enough light to make sure that both the conservatory and the adjoining rooms don't get too dark.

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