Are You Ready For Spring?

Are You Ready For Spring?

After the weather we've had over the last week, the last thing most people will be thinking about are problems caused by warm, sunny weather. Nevertheless, Spring is just around the corner.

According to the MET office spring will officially start in just under two weeks, on March 20th, with the clocks going forward only a few days later on the 25th. With that comes longer days, more sun, and all of the problems that can be associated with that is you have any large areas of glazing in your home.

Whether you have a conservatory, orangery, bi-fold doors or lantern roof, you'll start to notice how much heat can build-up - especially if it's south-facing and getting sun throughout the day. Alongside the extra heat, the increased sun throughout the day also bring with it problems of glare and potential damage to furniture and flooring from UV.

Blinds allow you to control all of these problems during sunny weather, while sill giving you the flexibility to enjoy the sun when you want to. Our pure™ Blinds have been designed to fit so neatly they look almost invisible when not in use, so you can retract them and enjoy a sunny day as if they weren't even there, while still letting you extend them later to reduce glare and heat when needed.

Now is the ideal time to think about how the sunny weather will affect you, as you can spend the time you need to find the right blinds for you and have them ready to go during spring and summer. Click here to arrange a free visit from a member of our sales team, to see which blinds would be right for you.

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