Visiting Our Showrooms

Visiting Our Showrooms

When shopping around for conservatory blinds, it really pays to see physical examples of the blinds in situ before you buy. This is both why our sales team bring working models of our blinds with them when they visit a customer's home and why we have displays of our blinds in two main showrooms.

We recently had a visit from a couple who were looking for ideas and suggestions about blinds for their recently built Victorian styled conservatory. The couple had been looking at the different blind ranges available on our website, and were so keen to see the actual blinds in action that they made the trip from their home in Oxfordshire over to the small showroom in our head office in Ewell, Surrey.

As this was the couple’s first time considering the various different blind options they had a lot of questions about the different styles of blinds available. One of the main concerns the couple had was to do with the visibility of the control cords in our roof blinds, which are a necessary part of the blind that help keep its shape and prevent it from sagging.

After looking at the different examples in our showroom, the customers started to consider the Duette® fabric. While Duette® blinds still need control cording, we are able to hide the cords in the middle of the honeycomb structure of the fabric so the cords cannot be seen when the blinds are in use.

After deciding that the Duette® fabric would be best, they then concentrated on how the blinds would fit into their Victorian shaped conservatory, which had some slightly more complex triangular shapes. Shaped blinds are our specialty, so the couple decided to travel onto our much larger showroom in our factory in Ashford, Kent to see further examples and to see the factory in action.

Interestingly, the couple were pleasantly surprised that we even had showrooms to visit. As they were looking through the various different blind companies, they noticed that while the majority of companies are happy to send out a sales person to visit, it can be a lot harder to actually visit the company directly. While the majority of our customers don't go into this level of detail before they arrange a quotation, it's a good example of how important it is to be able to see physical examples of the different blinds, as it can help you find the right blinds for your needs.

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