Introducing Our New Conservatory Valet Service


For years the team at Conservatory Blinds Limited have been dedicated to transforming conservatories from uninviting rooms only used at certain times of the year into a comfortable and inviting space all year round. Now we are very happy to announce that alongside our ranges of bespoke blinds we can now offer the additional service of a complete conservatory valet service, to ensure that every part of your conservatory looks as good as it possibly can.

Like any part of the home, a conservatory needs a certain amount of care to ensure that it stays in good condition. The elements can have a big effect on the outside of a conservatory, with leaves, dirt and algae building up over time. Parts of the interior are also often neglected, as the high roofs of a conservatory can be difficult to reach and clean properly.

Our complete valet service will clean and maintain your conservatory inside and out. For the exterior we aim to return your conservatory to its original look with a wide range of treatments, including cleaning and polishing all of the roof and side panels, treating any UPVC that has stained, clearing the gutters and down pipes and even restoring and cleaning the detail areas such as finials and cresting.

We make sure the interior also has the same level of cleaning; ensuring that all roof and side panels are also cleaned from the inside, as well as cleaning and polishing all interior surfaces and cleaning and lubricating locks and hinges to ensure they stay in good working order.

Our valets are performed by experts, who understand that every conservatory is unique and will need its own special service. Our experts use specialised equipment designed for conservatories, and ensure that there is not damage done to the room while we work.

Initially, we will offer the valet service to any customers buying our blinds, in the Greater London, Essex, Kent and Surrey areas, endeavouring to have the valet completed before our blinds are installed. That way not only can you enjoy a fresh and clean conservatory, but you can know that once our blinds are installed you will have a conservatory that both looks and feels like new, and will also be a beautiful and usable room for years to come.

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