Upgrading to pure Conservatory Blinds

Upgrading to pure Conservatory Blinds

Last year were were contacted by customers in Kent, who had a beautiful timber double-valleyed conservatory, essentially containing the shapes of two Victorian-style conservatories connected together. They originally had old roller blinds in both the roof and the sides, which (as you can see from the 'before' photos) had a lot of large gaps between the blinds and the conservatory frame.

Old Roller Roof Blinds With Large Gaps

The customers were looking to totally redecorate the conservatory, so as a part of that they opted to replace their old roller blinds with our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds. The Pinoleum Blinds are a very popular choice for those with a timber conservatory, as it means the blinds keep the natural and traditional look of the room while still providing protection from heat and glare. In this case the pinoleum blinds would be extra effective, as the customers opted for the optional solar lining on their room blinds, which make the blinds very effective at controlling the temperature in a conservatory - especially compared to their old roller roof blinds.

Old Roller Roof Blinds With Large Gaps

Old Roller Roof Blinds With Large Gaps

We employed our range of custom finishing options to make sure that the blinds looked like an integrated part of the conservatory, as if they had always been a part of it. This included painting the pinoleum weave with the Farrow & Ball® colour 'Cornforth White', but also powder-coating the aluminium components of the blinds to the specific RAL colour of the timber frame.

Every single blind in the conservatory, including the four side blinds, were motorised using our puresolo™ Remote Control system. Although this meant that there were over 30 separate blinds to control, the customers are still able to use all of them from a single handset; with total flexibility in their operation as the puresolo™ system allows for simultaneous, group or individual operation.

As the new blinds were part of a larger revamp of their entire conservatory it gave the customers the opportunity to add power sockets at relevant points, so that we could plug in the two control boxes needed to operate all of the blinds.

Overall the difference between the old roller roof blinds and our pure™ Conservatory Blinds is easy to see, with the pinoleum wood weave making a much better fit with the style of the conservatory - helped by our keen eye for details that make sure the blinds look like a natural part of the room.

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