Increasing Privacy All Year Round

Increasing Privacy All Year Round

Large areas of glazing such as a conservatory or a set of folding doors can be a great way to add a light and spacious feel to a home, especially if you have a beautiful garden to look out on. However one of the downsides of adding this much glazing to a home is that it can dramatically decrease the amount of privacy you have - you are after all essentially adding a giant window to one side of your home.

The degree to which this can be a problem obviously depends on the area in which you live; if your house is far away from any neighbours there's no problem with privacy, but those in more suburban areas can often find they have an issue with neighbours being able to see in - especially during the dark evenings of the winter.

We often get contacted by people who want to use blinds to increase the privacy of their conservatory or folding doors. Blinds are an excellent solution to this problem as they can easily stop people from looking in while still feeling like a natural addition to the room, and are able to cover both the sides and the roof of a conservatory.

When looking for the right type of blinds, one of the most important things to think about is how they will actually fit next to the glass. A neat fit is important for privacy, as any gaps between the fabric of the blind and the frame of the conservatory will obviously still allow people to see inside.

pure Pleated Blinds in Bi-Fold Doors

The best blinds to use for this purpose would be either our pure™ Pleated Blinds or Duette ®  blinds, as we can neatly fit them into both the roof and sides of a conservatory with minimal gaps between the blinds and the frame. While pure™ Pinoleum Blinds are an option, the Pinoleum wood-weave is semi-transparent without the optional solar backing. For larger side areas, both the Visage ®  and Vision® blinds give you the option between switching between semi-transparent and opaque fabrics at will. 

 Vision Window Blinds 

Privacy is an issue that's important all-year round, but with the right blinds you can solve the problem while still having the flexibility to enjoy the sun and beautiful views when you want to.

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