Creating a Natural Look with Pinoleum Blinds

Creating a Natural Look with Pinoleum Blinds

We were contacted near the end of last year by a couple in East Sussex. They needed new blinds in their conservatory after they had their conservatory redesigned, meaning their old blinds no longer fitted correctly. They took this opportunity to take a look around at the different options, contacting us as well as the company who fitted their original blinds. Ultimately, after looking at the options, they decided to go with our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds in the roof of their conservatory, choosing a colour that highlighted the wood-weave of the blinds.

While Pinoleum blinds are most frequently used in timber conservatories, they are actually suitable for a wide range of conservatory types. In this case the customers had a white aluminium conservatory but they were still looking for a natural feel, making our pinoleum blinds an excellent match. While we do offer white blind rails and components as standard, the customers decided to go the extra step and have the blind rails powder coated to a custom white colour so that they exactly matched the aluminium frame and truly look like a natural part of the conservatory.

This opportunity to get new blinds meant that the customers were now able to get pinoleum blinds with the optional solar lining. The solar lining dramatically increases the blinds ability to control temperature in the room, as well as increasing privacy and reducing glare all year round. The solar lining is hard to spot from the photos; the only tell that it is there is that the pinoleum is now no longer slightly see-through.

As you can see from the photos, the customers opted to have blinds in only one half of the conservatory roof. This is usually done when the customers know that the sunlight will only enter from one specific angle, meaning that only part of the roof actually needs shading. In some cases customers will come back to us later to complete the conservatory roof blinds, but some customers are also happy to keep a part of the roof without blinds so they can enjoy the open feeling of the conservatory roof.

If you want a traditional and natural look for your conservatory, while also controlling the temperature throughout the year, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team and see our range of traditional pinoleum blinds for yourself.

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