Keeping Your Conservatory Free of Condensation

Keeping Your Conservatory Free of Condensation

Condensation can be a big problem in a conservatory, especially during this time of year, and especially with all the recent wet weather. It's important to watch out for condensation in your conservatory, as it can be the first step towards mould starting to grow, which can permanently damage anything it grows on - including blinds.

A common misconception is that the blinds themselves are the cause of the condensation; however this is not actually the case. Instead, it is actually a result of the air in a conservatory being too humid and settling on a cooler surface.

The first thing to do is to look for the source of the humidity. The first thing to do is to check for any leaks that might be letting in humid air from the outside. Otherwise, thinking about what you are actually using a conservatory for, and see if that could be the cause. Activities such as ironing or drying clothes will definitely increase the humidity of the room and cause condensation.

The best way to get the humid air out of the conservatory is to make sure there is some sort of air flow, to move it out of the conservatory. While it can be tempting to have all of your windows shut during this cold weather, opening a trickle vent and creating cross ventilation in the room will help move all of the humid air out.

The other key step is to make sure the conservatory is well heated. By increasing the temperature of the room, you make it harder for the humid air to settle on the glass. Although heating a conservatory can be hard, we would recommend extending any roof blinds you have to help improve insulation and keep the heat in.

By taking these steps now, you can prevent mould from growing later. It is actually much easier to stop condensation than it is to try and remove mould from blinds without damaging them.

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