Asymmetrical Lantern Roof Blinds

Asymmetrical Lantern Roof Blinds

We were contacted at the end of last year by a couple in Buckinghamshire, who were looking for blinds for their orangery in order to help control the heat in the room. We have a lot of experience in fitting blinds for orangeries, especially in lantern roofs, however this orangery turned out to be slightly different than normal.

What made this roof lantern unique was its shape - whereas most roofs like this have a symmetrical design this lantern roof was asymmetrical; with one side extending out further than the other creating some awkward shapes.

As the customers were looking for blinds to control the heat throughout the year, we recommended that they used the Duette® fabric as its unique honeycomb structure makes it an excellent insulator. The downside of this structure is that it's not quite as flexible when it comes to awkward shapes as a single-pleat fabric, such as the fabrics used in our pure™ Pleated Blinds.

Lantern Roof Blinds

However, thanks to our years of experience in making shaped roof blinds, we were still able to use the Duette® fabric to create blinds that fit neatly into the unusually shaped areas, with the installer taking special care to make sure the gaps between the blinds were as small as possible.

Alongside the lantern roof blinds, we also fitted the same Duette® fabric blinds into the sides of the conservatory, to help combat glare and increase privacy throughout the year.

One of the benefits of using a specialist company such as ourselves is that we can look at unique designs like this and are able to come up with a solution that still looks neat and feels like a natural part of the room. If you have a uniquely shaped roof that you feel needs a specialist approach, contact a member of our sales team and see how we can help.

Lantern Roof Blinds

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