Taking Care of Your Blinds

Taking Care of Your Blinds

Blinds in a conservatory can be harder to keep clean than other blinds, simply because the conservatory itself can be more likely to attract dust and insects when compared to other rooms of the house. Because of our years of experience with blinds for conservatories we're well aware of this problem, and have developed a range of blinds that are designed to be as easy to care for as possible.

All of the tensioned Pleated, Duette® and Pinoleum blinds that we sell use our own exclusive pure™ rail which, alongside being an extremely neat way to fit blinds into the frame of a conservatory, has also been designed to be removable. That way it's easy to remove the blinds and clean the fabric directly, as well as shake out any debris that has been caught behind the blinds over time.

To take it even further, the Solar Design™ fabrics we use in our pure™ Pleated Blinds can also be washed directly; either by rinsing it off with a shower head or by immersing it in a pH-neutral cleaning fluid for a deeper clean. This is different to most other fabrics used in conservatory blinds, which cannot be cleaned to such a degree. Even the fabrics labelled as 'Easy Care' can often only be wiped with warm water as anything stronger may damage the fabric.

All of this information is contained in the Care & Maintenance booklet is that provided to all of our customers after installation, with more detailed demonstrations - including videos - available in our online customer area.

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