Improve the Insulation of your Lantern Roof

Improve the Insulation of your Lantern Roof

We are seeing lantern roofs becoming a popular addition to extensions across the country, but with an increase in lantern roofs comes an increase in a problem that used to be almost exclusive to conservatories: rooms that get so cold over the winter they are uncomfortable to use, even with heating.

Any form of glazing in a roof is going to have a dramatic effect on the temperature of the room. During the summer this means you get a large amount of heat and light coming in and warming the room up, but during the winter it will mean that all of the heat can easily escape from the room even if you have extra heating.

So what's the best way to keep a room with a lantern roof warm during this time of the year? As with a conservatory there's always the option to replace the glazing with a solid roof, but doing so totally removes the entire point of having a roof lantern in the first place. This is why more and more people are looking to blinds as a way of increasing insulation while keeping the lantern roof intact.

In the same way blinds will help improve insulation in a conservatory and keep the heat in, lantern roof blinds will create an extra layer that help stops the heat from escaping. The Duette® fabrics, which are popular in lantern roofs, have been designed with a honeycomb structure that makes them excellent insulators, and our blinds can be retracted away neatly so you can enjoy the full effect of your roof lantern if you want to.

If keeping the heat in is your main goal then we would generally recommend using horizontal blinds across the bottom of the lantern, as that has the extra effect of decreasing the volume of air in the room, making it quicker and easier to heat it. An individual layout will also create an effective layer of insulation if that's your preference in how you'd like the blinds to be fitted.

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If you have a room with a lantern roof that is getting uncomfortably cold during the winter, contact us now to arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team and see how we can transform the room.

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