Conservatory Blinds Review Award - Winter 2017

Conservatory Blinds Review Award - Winter 2017

As feedback is extremely important to us, we award a £50 voucher cheque every three months to what we feel has been the best review we have had in that time.

The winner of our Winter Award is a very recent review - one we featured only earlier this week - from a Mr H. in Oxfordshire commenting on how pleased he was with how our blinds have transformed their conservatory:

"I've been very pleased with the blinds, right from the initial survey, through to the fitting and use. Being electric, it's easy to open and close each day, and it's remarkable that the motors etc., fit so well that you don't know they are there. A really neat finish!

They make the conservatory usable all year round by keeping out the harsh sun in summer, and making the conservatory much more cosy in winter.

I wish I'd had them fitted when I first had the conservatory built as they have transformed the usefulness of the space."

We find feedback like this extremely valuable as it is a great way of showing just how effective our blinds can actually be at doing the things we say they will do. A lot of people buy blinds with the aim of controlling the temperature in a room, and while we can demonstrate how our blinds will help with our sample blinds the full effect will not be seen until all the blinds are fitted. By getting feedback from our existing customers that show our blinds really do make their conservatory more comfortable, it's easier to show that our blinds do exactly what we say they do.

For this excellent review, Mr H will be sent a £50 voucher cheque, which can be exchanged for vouchers for a wide range of UK stores.

If you would like to send your own review of our blinds, our service or even this website, all you need to do is fill in this form.

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