What Methods of Operation Are Available?


The operation of blinds for a conservatory is one of the most important factors to consider, as it will affect how you use the blinds on a day-to-day basis. There are a lot of options to consider, covering both manual and motorised options.

Manually Operated Blinds

Manual Operation
Manual operation is the most common way to use conservatory blinds. The majority of all window blinds that we fit are manually operated, as are a large amount of the conservatory roof blinds we install.

There are a few different types of manual operation to choose from, depending on the type of blinds you are using. Our pure™ Conservatory Blinds are all tensioned blinds, meaning that they are operated by use of small plastic handles, and will stop exactly where you leave them. When we fit manual roof blinds, they come with an operating rod that clips into the handle so you can easily operate the blinds that would normally be out of reach.

For free-hanging blinds, including free-hanging Duette® and Pinoleum blinds, we are able to use the child-safe LiteRise® and SmartCord® options. They have both been designed to eliminate the need for long looped blind cords; in the case of LiteRise® it uses a counterbalance spring and clutch mechanism to let the blind stop exactly where you leave it, while SmartCord® has a blind cord that retracts away to a safe length when not in use.


Remote Control Blinds

Mains Powered Remote Control
Remote control operation is a popular choice for those who will have a lot of blinds in their conservatory, as it is a lot easier to control all of the blinds with a single handset then it is to manually operate each blinds individually. In some cases, a conservatory roof might be so high that we would recommend remote control operation simply because it would be too unwieldy - or outright impossible - to operate them with an operating rod. We mainly fit motorised blinds that are mains powered, needing only a standard three-pin socket to be used.

Our range of pure™ Remote Control operation covers a range of options: Our puresolo™ Remote Control system has been designed to accommodate the large amount of blinds some conservatories will need, allowing control over up to 99 blinds from a single handset. The puresolo™ system also features individual operation for complete control over your blinds. Other remote control options, pureduo2 and purezero™ are aimed that those who need motorisation over a smaller amount of blinds, while the purefusion™ system allows for individual operation over some blinds, and group operation for the rest.


Battery Operated Blinds

Battery Powered Remote Control
In some cases we may recommend a battery powered remote control system. This is usually in cases where only a small amount of blinds need to be motorised, and there is no nearby access to a three-pin plug socket for us to use a mains-powered system. As such, battery powered remote control is normally used for horizontal lantern roof blinds and gable blinds that are not part of a conservatory.

Battery Powered blinds are available with an optional solar charger, so the battery can get recharged whenever the sun is out.

While it does seem like there are a lot of options to pick from, in most cases there will be an obvious choice that will work with your situation and the number of blinds you're getting. The best way to see exactly which option will work for you is to speak to a member of our sales team, who can provide you with a range of quotes for different options so you can see which works best.

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