Duette Blinds Throughout a Cardiff Home


We recently finished fitting a number of Duette® blinds into various areas of a house in Cardiff. We had previously fitted Duette® window and gable blinds in several areas of the customer's house back in 2015, and they got back in contact with us as they needed more blinds for other parts of their home - including a number of areas that needed our specialist expertise.

Duette Window Blinds

One of the main areas of the house that needed blinds was their dining area. The customers needed blinds that would reduce glare and increase privacy, but also allow them to view the amazing landscape outside when they needed to. The Duette® Window Blinds were ideal for this, as they are suited for the simple rectangular shapes of the windows and are able to be recess-fitted into the windows so any gaps on either side of the blinds are kept as small as possible.

Duette Window Blinds Extended

When the blinds are fully extended the room can be used in complete privacy; ideal for when the room needs to be used during the dark winter evenings. All of these window blinds use SmartCord® operation, ensuring that all the blinds are totally child safe and easy to use.

Duette Folding Door Blinds

The room also featured a set of folding doors that also needed blinds. We were able to neatly fit the same style of Duette® fabric into each panel of the door, so they can still be used without the blinds getting in the way. We used coloured blind rails and components to make sure the blinds look like a natural addition to the dark frame of the doors.

 Duette Gable Blinds 

Another area of the house that needed our unique talents was a large gable in one of the bedrooms, which rather unusually wasn’t symmetrical. These blinds were slightly different from the others, as they used one of the Duette® Oscurax Dim-Out fabrics to reduce the amount of light that gets through the blinds.

 Duette Gable Blinds Retracted 

Thanks to our unique pureaspect™ Gable Blinds we are able to still create blinds that retract away neatly, even when using the thicker Duette® fabrics. These blinds use purezero™ Remote Control operation, making them also completely child-safe - an important factor to consider in this child’s bedroom.

While we don't normally fit house blinds, there are instances like this where our expertise and experience with making blinds for tricky areas such as gables and folding doors can make us the perfect choice.

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