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The survey is arguably the most important part of the entire process of making and fitting blinds; it's where the final measurements are taken and the small details of how the blinds will fit and operate are confirmed.

Because it's such an important step, there are some things that need to be done to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible:

Clear Your Conservatory
If you're having blinds for a conservatory or lantern roof fitted then it's important to clear the area before the surveyor arrives. If you're having side blinds then the surveyor will need full access to the sides of the conservatory, and if you're also having roof blinds then the surveyor will need access to the entire floor space of the room so they can easily move their ladders to take accurate measurements.

If you're only having blinds for a set of folding doors fitted then you don't necessarily need to clear out the entire room, but you do need to make sure that each panel of the bi-fold doors has enough space around it for us to work.

Make Sure You're Present At Survey
We need at least one person to be present at survey, so we can discuss the details of the installation that don't get covered during the quotation stage. These are usually the little details that can be the final touch in getting blinds that look like a natural part of the room, such as the use of infill blinds to cover small areas our blinds won't reach. or the location of the control box for remote control blinds and how we will hide the wiring going from it to the blinds.

The survey is also the last chance there is to finalise some of the major elements of the blinds, such as the fabric colour, before they go into production.

All of these details that get discussed with you during the survey will get recapped in the survey video taken at the end of the visit, which will be made available to view online afterwards. This means that you can always go back and remind yourself of the specifics of the survey, and it also allows anyone who was not able to be present to review the details for themselves.

In the extreme majority of jobs we do the fitter who installs the blinds will be the same person who performed the survey, so all of the small details can be executed by the person who arranged them in the first place: another way we make sure that all of our blinds have the neatest fit possible.

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