Why Buy Blinds in the Winter?

Why Buy Blinds in the Winter?

A lot of people think about blinds - especially blinds for a room such as a conservatory - only during the summer, when the sun has started to make the room uncomfortably hot and they're looking for the best solution. However, this time of year, when the nights are longer and colder, can actually be one of the best times to look into adding blinds to your conservatory.

A Warmer Conservatory in Winter
Conservatory blinds are an excellent way of improving the insulation in a room without having to get rid of the open and airy feel that is unique to a conservatory. With the addition of conservatory roof blinds, you can reduce the amount of heat that escapes from a conservatory; meaning that it's a lot easier to keep it warm, and you don't have to spend as much on your heating bill. Duette® fabrics are ideal for this, as their honeycomb structure makes them excellent insulators.

While the deadline for Christmas installation has passed, there's still plenty of cold weather to expect during the start of the New Year. If you've had your conservatory for over a year, you'll remember just how cold that room can get without any form of insulation.

Ready for Next Summer
Most people only think about getting blinds for a conservatory when the sun starts to make the room too warm in the summer, and in some cases that can end up being too late. By buying blinds now you can make sure that everything is ready for the warmer weather next year, as well as take advantage of increased privacy and reduced glare no matter the time of year.

Increase Privacy in Winter

Get the Best Deals
As with a lot of products, winter is a great time to get a good price for conservatory blinds; both because of the sales that typically happen during this time of year (such as our current Autumn Offers), and because of the price increases that can happen in the new year. The best way to keep up to date with the current conservatory blinds offers is to subscribe to our monthly Newsletter, which lets you be the first to get any discounts, expert advice and the latest news each month.

To see how our blinds can transform your conservatory this winter arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team, who will bring samples of all our different blinds for you to see in your own conservatory.

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