Providing Help to Our Customers

Providing Help to Our Customers

Conservatory Blinds can be quite an investment, which means that our customers need to have a high level of confidence that should anything happen to their blinds, a solution can easily be found.

While our blinds have been designed to last for many years, we know there may be instances when a customer needs to get advice; whether that be about the best way to maintain and care for their blinds, getting a replacement part that was accidentally broken or getting help with a problem with the blinds themselves. This can be quite daunting for some customers, which is why we have tried to make sure that there are as many ways as possible to get the help they need.

Care & Maintenance Guide
We provide a Care & Maintenance booklet with every installation of blinds, which is full of useful information on how to maintain the different types of blinds we sell. It's the first place to look if someone has any problems with their blinds, as if the customer can't find the solution in the booklet itself it can tell them where they need to go to find the correct answers.

We have an customer-only online area named "MyBlinds", which is full of even more advice and guides for maintaining our blinds. As well as including everything in the Care & Maintenance booklet, the MyBlinds Care & Maintenance area also includes video demonstrations of how to perform simple maintenance tasks, including how to adjust the tension of our blinds and how to remove the blinds for cleaning.

MyBlinds also has a step-by-step troubleshooting area, which lets a customer know if a problem can be easily fixed by them or if it will require a visit from a member of our installation team.

Ask an Expert
Sometimes there might be a complicated question that needs a direct answer from one of our experts. In those situations, our Ask an Expert service allows customers to send in a question and get advice from the relevant member of staff, so that even more complicated queries can get answered.

Phone Support
Sometimes people prefer to speak to someone over the phone when there is a problem. In those situations phone support is available during all normal business hours. Our staff are able to let a customer know if the problem is something they can fix themselves, or if it will require a visit from a member of our installation team.

Whatever queries a customer have we try and make sure they can get an answer as easily as possible, so people can use their blinds in confidence that they will keep looking and working like new for years to come.

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