What Is The Best Way to Fit Blinds into a Lantern Roof?


Lantern roofs are becoming a popular addition to extensions across the country, as they can turn a normal room into a brighter, more conservatory-like area. However with these advantages come the same disadvantages many conservatory roofs have: increased glare, too much heat gain during the summer and too much heat escaping the room during the winter.

Because of this, many people with a lantern roof - whether part of an extension or an orangery - look to blinds as a way to help solve these problems.

Horizontal Lantern Roof Blinds
These types of horizontal blinds are becoming more and more common as a way of adding shading to a lantern roof. They typically consist of a small amount of blinds - sometimes two or three, or sometimes just a single blind - being run across the bottom of the lantern along rails.

Lantern Roof Blinds with a Horizontal Blind Layout

These are popular as they are typically a cheaper option, simply due to the fact that they require fewer blinds. They also have the advantage of creating a neat look when extended, especially if we are able to cover the area with a single blind, as in the photo above.

At this time of year these horizontal blinds have an extra advantage: As the blinds are fitted at the bottom on the lantern roof they essentially lower the volume of air in the room, making it much easier to heat the room effectively.

 Lantern Roof Blinds with a Horizontal Blind Layout 

When we fit these style of blinds, we are able to use our keen eye for detail to create blinds that look like a natural part of the extension. In this case, we were able to match the colour of the rails and components to the dark colour of the lantern roof frame, giving the blinds an integrated look.

Individual Roof Blinds
This style of blind is what we typically fit in the roofs of orangeries, but is also a valid option for a lantern roof in an extension. It involves fitting a blind next to each pane of glass in the lantern roof using an individual blind layout.

Lantern Roof Blinds with a Horizontal Blind Layout

The main benefit of this is that it gives you more control over the shading in the room. You can only extend the blinds over a certain part of the lantern roof, letting light come in through the rest, and adjust it to your preference. With our puresolo™ Remote Control system you can even adjust each blind individually.

Another benefit of this style of fitting the blinds is that you keep the large and open feeling a lantern roof adds to a room even while the blinds are extended, so if that was a large part of why you wanted a lantern in your extension this style of fitting the blind might be preferable.

Because these style of blinds are the same we would fit in a conservatory, you can take full advantage of the years of knowledge and experience we have fitting blinds like these. Lantern roofs can sometimes have odd shapes in them, such as blinds with obtuse angles, and we are able to make blinds that fit neatly into these shapes so there are no unsightly gaps.

Both ways of fitting blinds to a lantern roof are viable methods of reducing glare and improving insulation, ultimately a lot of it comes down to personal preference; a lot of people are just looking for the simple look of a horizontal blinds, where as other may prefer the integrated look of individual roof blinds.

If you have a lantern roof in your extension or orangery, contact a member of our sales team so they can take you through the options available, and see what would work best for your roof.

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