Pinoleum Blinds with a Classic Oak Headrail

Pinoleum Blinds with a Classic Oak Headrail

We fitted these pinoleum blinds into a conservatory in Worcestershire at the end of last week, using the Classic Oak Headrail for the side blinds - one of the more traditional ways of fitting Pinoleum Window Blinds.

While they don't have the integrated look of the aluminium rails used by our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds, the Classic Headrail is preferred by some because it matches the wooden look of the Pinoleum itself.

This specific job is in interesting combination of styles. Pinoleum blinds are generally favoured in timber conservatories, and some even like to use the wooden look of the classic headrail to match a conservatory's timber frame. However in this case the customer wanted to use the wooden blinds in their UPVC framed conservatory, as they liked the look Pinoleum wood weave.

We employed a number of custom finishing options to make the blinds look like a natural part of the room; painting both the pinoleum weave and the oak headrail white so that it compliments the white UPVC of the conservatory frame.

The blinds are cord operated, with the cords running down the back of each blind and tied off on brass cleats so they do not pose a danger to children.

The classic headrail is not especially suited for complex shapes, but does work well with simple square or rectangle blind. Because of this they are ideal for window blinds, especially in cases like this where a doubled-up blind layout has been used for the window blinds.

The roof blinds use our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds, which are far more suited for the type of shapes that can be found in a roof of a conservatory. The discreet aluminium rail of the pure™ Blinds can be made so the blinds neatly fit against the glass with minimal gaps between them, and the standard white rail colour is designed to match the colour of a UPVC conservatory.

This combination of pinoleum styles meant that the customers were able to get traditional looking pinoleum blinds that still felt like a proper part of the conservatory - with neat fitting blinds in the roof, and a more classic feel for the window blinds.

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