Using a Conservatory During the Longer Nights

Using a Conservatory During the Longer Nights

As the clocks have now gone back and the nights are getting longer again, you may start to find that you are using your conservatory, orangery or garden room in a very different way than you did during the summer.

If you have blinds for your conservatory, they can be the difference between a room that will start to feel cold and uninviting to a warm and comfortable room that you can use throughout the colder months.

We've put together some easy things to do to help you get the most out of your conservatory during these darker months:


  • Use your blinds to increase privacy. During the dark evenings, you may find that your brightly-lit conservatory can start to feel a bit exposed. Make sure you close your side blinds to increase privacy at eye level, and use your roof blinds to stop people looking in from above.
  • Keep the heat in with your blinds. There's no point trying to heat a conservatory while your blinds are retracted, as any heat generated will just escape through the glass roof. By extending your blinds before you turn on the heating, you can make sure the heat stays in the room.
  • Prevent glare during the afternoons. As the sun will now be lower in the sky during the late afternoon and early evenings, it can easily cause glare by coming through the side windows of a conservatory. Just by using your side blinds you can cut out the glare and use the room in comfort.
  • Watch out for condensation. The colder weather brings with it the increased chance of condensation in a conservatory. This can be the first step towards mould starting to grow, so it's important to make sure your conservatory is properly heated to keep condensation at bay.
  • Operate your blinds regularly. While it might be tempting to keep your blinds extended throughout the autumn and winter, we recommend that you use your blinds at least once a week so they keep working like new for much longer.

A conservatory doesn't have to be a neglected room over the winter; you just need to know the best ways to keep it comfortable.

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