A Trip To Our Factory

A Trip To Our Factory

We recently expanded the staff in our Head Office in Ewell, Surrey, with the addition of a new member of the Sales Support team - Aston.

Because we feel it's important for every member of staff to know the rest of the company, after getting training and experience in our Head Office, we took Aston down to our factory and main showroom in Ashford, Kent. It was a great opportunity for him to put some faces to names, and see first-hand how our blinds are made.

So we asked Aston, in his own words, to describe his experiences going through our factory for the first time:

"I was very impressed walking around the Ashford factory, a place that had only existed in my mind. After studying the brochure my expectations were automatically raised as the company has already portrayed a remarkable reputation of specialising in the word of high-end conservatory blinds, and by attending the factory I didn’t expect anything less.


As we approached the entrance, my eyes lit up wide I noticed the familiar logo which states ‘Britain’s favourite family owned specialists’: a family run company who swears by their product and service.

I walked upstairs into a modern and fully equipped factory and was greeted by the Contracts Manager, Sean, a familiar voice I instantly recognized after having various conversations with him when handling customer enquiries. Beside him sat another familiar name, Sam, who works as the Contracts Assistant, and I greeted her with a warm handshake and introduced myself as one of the newbies part of the sales support team. It was lovely to finally put a face to all the names and people I was meeting.


I instantly noticed how remarkable the showroom looked; it looked as if a lot of time, effort and consideration was put into the project. The first floor displayed 5 whole conservatories full of every style of conservatory we generally tend to work on, along with every single blind you could possibly think of.

I was then greeted by Tom, the factory manager. Upon introducing himself, he began checking one of the main display blinds to ensure it was functioning correctly, as we instruct all our customers to keep their blinds maintained. He instantly gave me the impression of an expert craftsmen who has the inside knowledge of the blinds at his disposal.

He began to take me around the entire factory where I saw everything from how the materials first arrive, to the finishing end where I saw the colour painted on to the blinds. This proved that every single blind we provide to the public is exactly what is listed in the brochure: a hand crafted design. It showed quality over quantity and, equally as important, efficiency. Everyone seemed to take pride and care into what they were actually doing.


I met the factory admin department, where all the spare parts are issued out to existing customers. I was introduced to Ion who carefully designs all purchase orders using CAD software – down to the rail designs, fabric designs, and also the electronic side where the exclusive ‘puresolo™’ product is produced.

I was shown how the motorised system was created and how they function, and was impressed to see how carefully they were designed, but surprised to see how easily it functioned - from the hard-wired systems to the battery operated design. I was amazed at the puresolo™ design which gives customers the ability to control up to 99 blinds - what more can you ask for? All aspects are covered.

I noticed how all components that go into the blinds made specifically for conservatories are designed to make it an easily operated and user friendly system. The team showed nothing but hard work and dedication along with great loyalty and pride with their everyday work."


You can take a look at many of the parts of the factory Aston mentions in our factory tour video, and if you're interested in seeing our factory and showroom for yourself you can always contact our showroom to arrange a time to come over.

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