Stop Mould Before It Happens


A common question we get asked during the winter period is how to remove mould from conservatory blinds. Unfortunately, in most cases the answer is that it's almost impossible to do so, as any cleaning method strong enough to remove the mould will almost certainly damage the blind with it. Because of this the best thing we advise customers to do is make sure mould does not keep growing in their conservatory, to stop the problem getting worse.

Now that the nights and mornings are definitely getting colder, it's time to start thinking about keeping mould out of your conservatory. Although it's not quite cold enough yet for it to be a major problem (although it's certainly possible), by getting into the habit of doing these things now, you can make sure mould does not grow as we move through autumn and into winter.

The most important thing to watch out for is condensation. If there is condensation forming on the inside of your conservatory it means that the relative humidity of the air is too high, which is what causes mould to form. Heating a conservatory is an excellent way to get rid of some of the water in the air, and if you have conservatory roof blinds you won't even need to heat it that much as the blinds will increase the insulation in the room. Having a through-draft is also important; as it makes sure any remaining moist air is able to leave the room, so it's a good idea to leave some vent windows open for a few hours.

If you're heating your conservatory properly and there is still condensation forming you may want to check for any leaks in the frame of the structure, as that could be letting in moisture.

Keeping Your Blinds Clean
As mould only grows on organic materials, it will not grow on our pure™ Pleated or Duette® Pleated fabrics unless they are dirty. By keeping your blinds clean, you can make sure there is nothing for the mould to grow on. As Pinoleum blinds are made of wood, they are slightly more susceptible to mould, but keeping them clean as well will mean you can watch out for the early signs of mould and prevent it before it becomes a problem. All of our blinds come with a Care & Maintenace booklet which explains the best way to keep them clean, and our online customer area, MyBlinds, also provides helpful videos showing how to remove your blinds for cleaning.

As the nights will only keep getting colder, it's important you take these precautions now, so that you can stop mould from even starting to grow and make sure your blinds are protected from damage.

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