Problems With Privacy In Your Conservatory?

Problems With Privacy In Your Conservatory?

Conservatories are an excellent space to use during the day, as the large amount of glazing makes for a light and airy room that's different from anywhere else in the house. But one of the main drawbacks a lot of people find with having a room covered in glazing is that while it means you have amazing views of the outside, other people can see inside just as easily.

This starts to become a larger problem during this time of year when the evenings get darker. You may still want to use your conservatory during the evening, but being in a bright conservatory while it is dark outside can really give you a "goldfish bowl" feeling - the feeling that it's hard to see out, but everyone else can see in!

The solution many people go for is to simply stop using their conservatory when it gets dark outside. But why abandon an entire room of your house when there are other solutions?

Window Blinds
Adding window blinds to your conservatory can make dramatic improvements to the privacy of the room. By just extending the blinds, you prevent anyone on ground level from seeing in - something especially important if your conservatory is visible from the street. Because of how neatly we can fit our window blinds, any gaps to the side of the blinds, which would allow people to see in, are kept as small as possible.

Roof Blinds
In some cases the problem isn't other people being able to see in at ground-level, but from above. Neighbours on a higher floor may have a full view through the roof of a conservatory, which is where conservatory roof blinds make a big difference. With a combination of both roof and window blinds you can use your conservatory in total privacy, while also enjoying the other benefits the blinds will give, such as reduced glare, protection from UV, and increased temperature control throughout the year.

But what about the view?
Of course, many people enjoy their conservatory because of the views it can provide of the outside, especially if they have a garden they wish to enjoy. Adding blinds to a conservatory doesn't mean you have to get rid of the view; our pure™ Pleated Blinds have been design to fit into the frame of a conservatory window as neatly as possible, so they cover as little of the glass as they can when not in use.

Some customers have also used our pure™ Pinoleum Blinds because of the semi-transparent nature of the pinoleum wood weave; it allows them to still see through into their garden, but still obstructs enough to increase privacy. The best way to know if this technique would work for you would be to meet with a member of our sales team and see how the pinoleum looks against your conservatory windows.

If you're having with problems with privacy in your conservatory, or any room with a large area of glazing, get in contact with us and we can see how our made-to-measure blinds can make it a more comfortable room to use, even during the dark evenings.

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