How Light Affects Fabric Colour

How Light Affects Fabric Colour

The pure™ Pleated Blinds in the above photo are all made from the same colour fabric. However if you look closely at the photo, you can see that some blinds appear to be a slightly different colour than the others.

This effect is a result of different amounts of light hitting different blinds, and can be caused by a couple of different factors. The direction the conservatory faces makes a big difference, as if one side of the conservatory gets more sun than another that side's blinds will look lighter than the side in shade (this is what is happening in the above photo). In the same way, if there's something outside casting shade on to a portion of the conservatory, such as a tree or a building, the shade will change the colour of the fabric for that part of the conservatory.

This effect is often not something people think about before buying blinds, but it's an important thing to be aware of. In the past we have had customers who believed that it was an error in the colour of the fabric until we had to demonstrate that it was an effect caused by local shading.

There isn't really a way to prevent this effect from happening - its part of the nature of any light translucent blinds - but it is possible to get an idea of how it will affect your conservatory before blinds are fitted. Our sales team will bring samples of all the different fabrics we offer with them, so you can see how they will actually look in different parts of your conservatory. We can then order samples of specific fabrics for you to use after the quotation so you can see how the fabric colour will change during different times of the day.

If you do find that you're not happy with the variation in fabric colour due to shading, the best thing to do is try and use a darker colour, as the effect will be lessened. Using a darker fabric will have the added benefit of keeping more heat out of the conservatory.

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