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Gables and apex windows are becoming more common as part of a house or extension, and as such we are seeing an increased demand for gable blinds that are not part of a gable-end conservatory.

There are many methods to use blinds to add shading to a gable, however many of them involve covering the triangular shaped area with a lot of smaller blinds, which not only looks untidy but can also be very hard to operate, as you have to deal with a larger number of blinds.

Thanks to our years of experience making and fitting blinds for conservatories, we have already developed several neat methods of covering a triangular shaped area of glazing like a gable. A lot of the time the size and shape of the gable is similar to one that might be found in a conservatory, so our unique pureaspect™ Gable Blinds are an ideal choice.

Duette Gable Blinds

With the pureaspect™ system, we are able to cover the gable with just two blinds that neatly retract away to a minimal stack, so they don't obstruct the view when not in use.

In some cases an apex window may not be just a simple triangle shape and will have an extra area of glazing below it. In cases like that we are able to make gable blinds that extend past the normal triangular shape to fill in the rectangular shape beneath it, all while keeping a neat look and easy operation.

One of the challenges of fitting blinds to a gable that is part of a house is that there can be instances where the angles of the triangle are much steeper than we would normally find in a conservatory. This was the case for this recent project in Gloucestershire, where the customers had specified that they wanted to use the Classic Pinoleum Blinds to match the wooden frame of the room.

 Pinoleum Blinds Covering a Large Gable 

Because of the angles involved and the type of blinds the customers wanted to use, our pureaspect™ Gable Blind system was not suitable for this area of glazing. Nevertheless, we were still able to neatly cover the glass by fitting the blinds in a similar way that we would fit conservatory roof blinds. That way, we were still able to cover the gable with just two blinds, and the blinds are still easy to operate and don't cover too much of the glass when not in use.

If you have a gable or apex window, and you're looking for a neat and elegant shading solution get in contact with us and let us see how we can transform your room.

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