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At Conservatory Blinds Limited, we strongly believe that it's very important that any customer buying blinds from us is making an informed decision, so they are truly confident that they are buying the right blinds for them. Because of this, we make sure they get as much information as they need during every step of the order process:

Our Website
Before you even contact us, you can already find a great deal of information about our blinds and our service on this website. From the expansive FAQs, information about the various different technologies we use, and our videos and comprehensive gallery we make sure that you can find out as much as you need about our blinds before you enquire. We even have price guides to let people know roughly what our blinds will cost.

When a member of our sales team visits they will bring with them samples of all the different blinds we well. If you've specified that you're interested in a particular blind type, then they can save time by just showing you the samples relevant to that. Once the appointment is over, we will leave you with a physical copy of it, and we can arrange for samples of any fabrics you are interested in to be sent to you from our factory. That way you have everything you need to come to an informed decision when looking at the quote.

When a member of our installation team visits to conduct the survey for the blinds, they will always go through with the customer all of the fine details about where and how the blinds will be fitted. This is often when some of the smaller decisions about how the blinds will look, such as the use of infill blinds or the location of a control box for motorised blinds, will be discussed; which is why we strongly recommend that at least one of the customers is present at survey.

At the end of the survey, we'll even record a short summary video which is then made available to the customer via the customer area of our website. That way, the customer can review the details from the survey again at a later date, or someone who was not present at survey can see the details before the blinds are fitted.


Once the blinds have been fitted, our fitter will go through with the customer all of the details on how to properly use and maintain the blinds, so they stay working and looking like new for as long as possible. We will also leave behind a small maintenance kit, which will include a blind removal tool, some spare parts, and our Care & Maintenance handbook (the exact contents of the maintenance kit will vary depending on blind type).


After Install
If you still need information about how to care for your blinds after the fitter has left, then you can consult both the Care & Maintenance guide that was left with the blinds, or log on to the online customer area, MyBlinds, which is full on information and videos on how to care for your blinds.


By giving the customer as much information as possible every step of the way, not only can it make the whole process go smoother and quicker, but it means that our customers buy their blinds in the knowledge that they're actually getting the product they want - something that's very important when buying an expensive item like blinds.

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