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With so many different companies out there, it can get confusing trying to work out the differences between them. If a lot of different companies offer the same product, does it matter which company you pick?

We were recently contacted by a small blinds supplier who wanted us to provide him with some roof blinds for a job he was working on, as he was not able to supply them himself (most smaller blind suppliers only really work with side blinds, as roof blinds are a lot more complex). Our sales person explained to him that we would not be able to help him, both because we do not supply blinds for other companies to fit, but also because the type of blinds he was looking for could actually damage the conservatory itself: Duette® Blackout roof blinds.

Duette® Blackout Blinds are particularly dangerous when fitted to a conservatory roof as they can actually cause permanent damage. Due to the nature of blackout fabrics, the blinds themselves can get extremely hot. If they're used next to the glass of a conservatory roof, where there often isn't enough space for the heat to dissipate, the build-up of heat can actually crack the glass or scorch the UPVC. The below photo shows an example of another conservatory we have seen where heat build-up from improperly fitted blinds actually caused permanent damage to the frame of the conservatory.

This isn't a problem with non-blackout Duette® blinds, which can be excellent in a conservatory roof as the fabric does not retain a lot of heat. Likewise, Blackout Duette® blinds can still be used in the side windows of a conservatory as there is usually enough space for the heat to escape.

When we explained this to the supplier, instead of taking our advice and trying to find an alternate product for his customer he instead decided he would try other companies until he could find someone that would give him what he wanted - even if it meant they had to sign a disclaimer absolving them of all damages the blinds could cause.

The fact that companies like this are perfectly happy to sell blinds like this, even after being told they could damage a conservatory, just reinforces the importance of finding a company that actually has knowledge and experience of the type of blinds they sell. Roof blinds are a lot more complex than a lot of people think - and in extreme circumstances like this can actually cause permanent damage - so you need to work with a company that actually knows how to fit them properly and which type of blinds to avoid.

We have over 20 years experience selling, making and fitting blinds for conservatories, so we know what blinds will work in conservatory roofs, and what won't. More importantly, if a customer is interested in a type of blind that could actually cause damage to a conservatory we will offer alternate solutions instead of selling potentially dangerous blinds.

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