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Buying conservatory blinds is a tough and complex decision. With the wide range of companies out there, it can be hard to know which to trust, especially if they all claim to be experts. You also need to spend the time comparing the different blinds the various companies offer, and see which is the best for you.

If you're someone who has already done all the research and the leg work, you can save other people the time by recommending a friend. If you know someone in need for blinds for a conservatory, orangery, lantern roof, gable or bi-fold doors, then you can save them a lot of time by recommending a company you already know can do a good job.

A lot of people who've had a positive experience with us recommend us to their friends for exactly that reason, because they've already compared us to other blind companies and have come away happy with our blinds and service (as seen in our customer reviews!).

As an extra bonus, if the person you have recommended to us places an order, we can send you a voucher cheque worth up to £50. In fact, we recently had feedback from a customer in Yorkshire who had our blinds back in 2015 and then went on to recommended us to their friends, and recently received their voucher cheque:

"Thank you so much for the unexpected gift of the £50.00 voucher cheque; we had complete forgotten about the conversation with our friends!

We are still delighted with our Conservatory Blinds Ltd purchase, and continue to recommend them to all our family and friends whenever the subject arises - having had the experience of two other well-known Blind companies visiting us with their sales pitch, we have detailed personal experience of the difference!

Please feel free to continue to suggest that anyone interested in a viewing comes to see us."

If you'd like to recommend us to a friend, just use this form to fill in their details (after getting their permission, of course) and we can contact them to arrange a time for a member of our sales team to visit.

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