Maintaining Your Blinds During Fly Season


While the summer is the time of year most people will use the blinds in their conservatory, it's also the time of year that flies tend to enter a conservatory, and get trapped behind any blinds that are there - especially roof blinds.

Trapped insects can be a problem for blinds. Not only are they visible during sunny days, but if they are left there too long they can leave marks on the blind fabric itself. Blinds with Duette® fabric also have the additional problem of having insects getting into the honeycomb structure of the blind, meaning that marks will be left the next time the blind is retraced.

Although one of the services we offer as part of our maintenance plan is the removal of any insects or debris that are trapped behind blinds, we don't recommend you arrange a maintenance visit until after fly season is over, which is usually around October. If we were to visit and clear out any insects during fly season, then they would soon reappear after we had left. If you wait until later in the year you can make sure you get the most out of the visit.

Fortunately, there are ways that any trapped insects or debris can be removed from our blinds without needing to have a member of our installation team needing to visit. Our manual pure™ and Duette® blinds can be fully unclipped, so it's easy to take them down and clear out anything trapped behind them. Our pure™ Fabrics can also be rinsed off with a shower head or washed in a bath once removed, so any marks left by insects can be cleaned.

If it's not possible to totally unclip the blind, insects can still be removed simply by using a hairdryer or an air duster aimed behind the blind to blow out anything trapped there.

All of the detailed instructions on how to maintain your blinds can be found in the MyBlinds customer area, which features videos showing how to unclip the blinds and remove anything trapped.

By keeping your blinds maintained over the summer, you can ensure that they stay working and looking like new for many summers to come.

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