Blind Cord Safety Reminder

Blind Cord Safety Reminder

The British Blind & Shutter Association (BBSA) have been asked to restate their position regarding tilt cords on blinds such as venetian blinds, specifically regarding how long the cords are allowed to be under the current blind cord safety regulations.

Under the safety regulations for blinds that were introduced in 2014 any looped cords must not hang less than 1.5 meters away from the ground (or any other surface a child is able to stand on). If a cord is so long that it hangs closer to the ground than 1.5 meters, there must be some way to tie the cord off (such as a cleat) fitted 1.5 meters away from the floor.

The reason for these regulations is just so that it makes it a lot harder for a child to become entangled in a low-hanging cord, which can often have fatal results.

These regulations apply to all properties, even if there are no children currently living there. Keep in mind that any blinds that are fitted will probably stay with a house if the current owners sell it, and so must still be child safe should any children start living there in the future.

It's extremely important that organisations such as the BBSA constantly remind people about the existence of the child safety regulations. While these regulations are law, that doesn't mean that every person who fits blinds will actually adhere to them, or are even fully aware of them. Smaller one-man companies may ignore them if it means that the blinds are easier to fit or if the customers are insisting that they don't need any child safety precautions. As such, there are still blinds fitted today that are dangerously unsafe.

The best way to avoid dangerous looped blind cords is to use a "Safe By Design" system that doesn't need them. Our pure™ Pleated, pure™ Pinoleum and Duette® blinds are all Safe By Design, and we offer two other totally child-safe methods of using free-hanging blinds: SmartCord® and LiteRise®.

The safest option of all is to have motorised blinds, which are controlled entirely from a handset and so bypass the need for any sort of cord alltogether.

If you'd like to talk to us about the safest option for your conservatory, just get in contact.

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