Conservatory Blinds Review Award - A Follow Up

Conservatory Blinds Review Award - A Follow Up

Earlier in the month we awarded our Quarterly Feedback Award to a customer in Cheshire, who sent in a wonderful review of our staff and service. After we had informed her that she had won via email, we quickly received a very thankful response:

"What a delightful start to my day.

Everything I sent to your company was true. I always do my homework when making a purchase or having a job done. So as you can imagine the parameters for good/bad service and reasonable/silly quotes are vast. Everyone I dealt with at your Company was super. There was professionalism, knowledge, value for money but mainly it was because I wasn't being fed some pre-determined format. It was adapted to me without 'in your face' hard selling and the people appeared genuine really pleasant!

So thank you so much. I know it is a cliché but I never win anything so am excitedly waiting my surprise in the post."

A few days after we had sent out the prize of a £50 voucher cheque to her, we received a very thoughtful card in the post from the customer thanking us again for our work:

"I have today received the thrilling surprise of my £50 voucher cheque. This makes it a stunning Saturday. The sun is out and receiving a lovely gift through the post instead of a bill is heaven!

I know after meeting Debbie that my 'gut' told me yours was the firm I trusted and related to.

So thanks to one and all for firstly beautiful blinds and now bountiful cheque!"

Everyone at Conservatory Blinds Limited would like to thank the customer, Mrs E, for taking the time to write us this wonderful card.

There are many ways you can leave us any feedback you have about our blinds, our service, or our website. The easiest way is to fill in this form on our website, but you can also send feedback either via the post, or via email.

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