Simple and Neat Lantern Blinds


Horizontal blinds are becoming a popular option for those looking to cover a lantern roof - they are often cheaper than using multiple blinds recess fitted next to the glass, and they can still be a neat way of controlling temperature and glare in a room.

A great example of how neat this style of blinds can be is the blind we fitted across the bottom of a lantern roof in Berkshire, where we were able to cover the area with just a single blind:

We used a Duette® fabric, excellent for improving insulation in a room, and the customer opted for the darker “Granite” fabric which both matches the dark frame of the lantern and will be more efficient at keeping out the heat, due to it being a darker colour.

Normally for lantern roofs we need at least two separate blinds to cover the bottom area, however the size of this lantern was small enough that we were just able to cover it using one blind. With horizontal blinds like this we almost always recommend motorisation, and this blind us operated using a battery-powered remote control system, so the customer can use it at the touch of a button.

Even though it was just a single blind, that didn't mean we didn't pay attention to the small details that make our blinds unique. The rails and aluminium components were powder coated to a custom RAL colour so that they would match the dark colour of the frame of the lantern, and we even used an optional solar charging back with the battery-operated motorisation system, so the batteries can charge themselves using the sun, rather than the customer having to replace them manually.


If you're looking for a neat and easy-to-use way to add extra shading to a room with a lantern roof, arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team and see how we can use horizontal blinds to transform the room.

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