Does The Colour of Your Blinds Really Matter?

Does The Colour of Your Blinds Really Matter?

To most people, the colour of the blinds they want is a purely aesthetic choice - they want blinds that match with the existing décor of the room, and create a certain atmosphere and feeling in the room. But does the colour of the blinds matter beyond just how they look?

What a lot of people don't realise is that the colour of the blind fabric can make a great deal of difference to how much heat is actually let into the conservatory. Darker fabrics tend to absorb a lot more heat than lighter fabrics, meaning that less heat is let into the conservatory. This is for the same reason that anything dark-coloured will always absorb more heat in the sun, it's just due to how the different colours react with the energy in the sun's light.

This is not to say a lighter fabric will not reduce the amount of heat build-up in a conservatory - far from it. Any type of blind will have an effect on the amount of heat coming into a conservatory, and our Solar Design™ fabrics have been specifically designed to do just that. But it does mean that if reducing heat is your top priority, you may have to consider a darker fabric to get the most effective solution.

The actual type of fabric does have an effect on this too. Because of the honeycomb construction of the Duette® fabric they are better at providing insulation than a standard pleated fabric, so a lighter colour will be slightly more effective in reducing heat build-up. However even with Duette® fabrics, the darker colours will still keep out more heat than lighter shades.

So when considering the exact fabric colour for a conservatory, be sure to take into consideration all of the factors that can be effected. Many people like to go with lighter colours, such as whites or creams, as they keep the room feeling light - but that does mean they aren't necessarily getting the best protection from the heat. A grey fabric may be the best compromise between the two, absorbing more heat than a white or cream fabric, while not making the room too dark.

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