Conservatory Blinds Review Award - Summer 2017

Conservatory Blinds Review Award - Summer 2017

It's time again to announce the winner of our Quarterly Feedback Draw, where we award a prize for the best feedback we have had over the past three months.

The latest winner is Mrs E from Cheshire, who sent multiple emails to our Contracts Manager about our staff and our service during various different stages of the order. After the sales person for her area visited to give her advice and a free quotation, she sent in this first email:

"Just wanted to say what a breath of fresh air and common sense Debbie was on her visit last week.

Been looking into this for a while. Wanted practical, functional but also within my budget as only moved last year. Have had so many Companies who just do negative sales running down all competition and being very aggressive in selling tactics. I have been in business private and public sector so know all the techniques of many.

Deborah was super, she was the first one who listened to what i wanted, concerns and queries. She was fairly laid back but I felt she was interested in a tailor made sale for me, not some corporate script full of bull....!

I knew within a short while I was dealing with a caring person who would deal with facts not just try and sell as much or as expensive as possible.

I have told all my friends about the ordeals I have sat through and stupid prices either end of the spectrum, but how Debbie delivered without drama!

I know you are my point of contact but just wanted to say so far am impressed, thank you."

After meeting with the sales person, she decided upon our unique pure™ Pleated Blinds for the roof of her conservatory. Later, after the blinds had been fitted, she sent in another email expressing how happy she was with the job from start to finish:

"Nigel just finished fitting my blinds.

Look brilliant and I have had my lesson in working them!

Just wanted to say thank you.

The points of contact I have had with my order have been you, Debbie and Nigel the fitter.

Everyone's been helpful and efficient. Am very impressed with the company from initial meeting with Debbie to today.

So thanks again, will certainly recommend you."

These comments highlight an area of our company that we are very proud of - the fact that we don't like to use aggressive selling tactics, and instead prefer to help the customer come to their own decision about what blinds they would like. That way, when someone buys blinds from us we know they are getting the exact blinds they want. Plus, most customers can easily see the differences between our blinds and the blinds sold elsewhere, so we are able to let our products and services sell themselves.

Mrs E will receive a £50 voucher cheque, which can be redeemed in a larger number of high-street and online shops. 

If you would like to send your own review of our blinds, our service or even this website, all you need to do is fill in this form.

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