Getting the Most Out of Your Conservatory This Summer

Getting the Most Out of Your Conservatory This Summer

The heatwave of the last week has caused many people to start using their conservatories, orangeries or garden rooms, sometimes for the first time since last summer. For those who already have blinds in their conservatory this is when they really start to come into use, keeping the room cool even during this sunny weather.

In order to make sure that people get the most out of their conservatories this summer, we've put together some simple tips to make sure your blinds are being as effective as possible:

  • Extend your blinds before the sun comes out. Blinds are very effective at preventing the heat from the sun building up inside a conservatory, but in a lot of cases people only extend their blinds after the sun has started to heat the room up. To get the most out of your blinds, it's better to extend them before the sun hits your conservatory, so that the heat never has a chance to get in. In some cases this could mean extending your blinds the night before, so that your conservatory is ready for the next morning's sun.
  • Know when the sunniest times of day are. Depending on the direction your conservatory faces, you will get different levels of sunlight during different parts of the day. For example, north facing conservatories may only need shading during the sunniest parts of the day, whereas south facing conservatories may need shading continuously. Knowing when your conservatory will need shading will let you plan for when you need to extend your blinds.
  • Protect your furniture from UV. Aside from just the heat, the light from the sun can start to fade your furniture and flooring. Make sure to extend your blinds over any parts of the conservatory you notice get a lot of sunlight throughout the day, to make sure they are not damaged by the UV light.
  • Open up the room. The time it takes for a room to warm up depends on how much air there is to heat. By opening your conservatory to the room next to it, you increase the amount of air and so decrease the time it takes for the room to warm up.
  • Always have ventilation. Although blinds can prevent a lot of heat from entering a conservatory, it's still possible for it to build up very gradually over the day. By making sure there's still some form of ventilation, the hot air will be continuously moved out of the conservatory - ensuring it says cool all day.

By knowing the best ways to use your blinds this summer, you can have a conservatory that's comfortable and inviting even throughout the hottest days of the year.

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