Heatwave Sees Increased Demand for Blinds

Heatwave Sees Increased Demand for Blinds

As we now enter what many predict to be the fifth day in a row with temperatures over 30ºC, it's clear that we are well and truly entering one of the hottest summers for a long while. In fact, if the temperatures keep as high as they have been it will be the longest period of this level of heat since 1995. As today is also the longest day of the year, it's very likely that this will happen.

This level of prolonged heat has resulted in the Met office issuing the second-highest heatwave alert, and giving various reminders to keep an eye on the health of those who are not as easily able to cope with the heat, such as older people, or animals.

This sort of weather has an obvious effect on conservatories. We've already mentioned how important it is for our installation team to keep cool when fitting blinds in this kind of heat, as the temperature in the roof of a conservatory can build up to as high as 60°C (140°F). We've also seen a dramatic increase in the demand for blinds, including record levels of traffic on our website, as people try and find a way to keep their conservatory cool.

Weather like this is the exact sort of thing that our blinds are designed to combat - not only by reducing heat in a conservatory, but by reducing the glare from the sun and protecting furniture and flooring from fading.

While it's not sure how long this heatwave will last, there's still a lot of summer to come. It's still worthwhile arranging an appointment with a member of our sales team sooner rather than later to see how we can keep the heat down in your conservatory.

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