Controlling Light with Vision Blinds

Controlling Light with Vision Blinds

At the start of March we announced that we had begun to sell the unique Vision window blinds, which allow you to move between a translucent fabric, which provides shading while still letting light through, and an opaque fabric, which provides a blackout effect.

We recently fitted a pair of Vision blinds alongside Duette® Pleated Blinds in a gable end conservatory in Suffolk, and these photos of the installation really show how well they can control the light in the room.

As you can see in this 'before' picture, taken just prior to the blinds being fitted, the large amount of glazing in the room meant that a lot of sunlight would enter the room and make it too warm, as well as create a lot of glare during the day.

With the Vision blinds the front aspect of the conservatory is now shaded from any glare, but the translucent nature of the fabric means that enough natural light is let through to keep the room feeling bright, like a conservatory should.

Should the customers wish to adjust the amount of light being let in, they can simply move the Vision blind into it's more opaque position, and enjoy even more shading and increased privacy.


From the outside, you can see how the Vision blinds increase the privacy in the room - something that will become all the more important later in the year as the evenings start to get darker.

Alongside the Vision blinds, we also fitted Duette® Pleated Blinds into the remaining sides, roof, doors and the gable end of the conservatory. Thanks to our pureaspect™ Gable Blind system, we were able to neatly cover the gable area with only two blinds, which are still able to retract away neatly so they don't cover too much of the glass when not in use.

Overall we were able to transform this conservatory into one that will be far more comfortable over the coming summer, but still giving the owners the ability to adjust the amount of shading in the room to their preference.

If you'd like to see how we can transform your conservatory, arrange an appointment with a member of our sales team who will go through the different options with you and help you find the exact blinds your conservatory needs.

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