Looking Out for Accommodation Addresses


When buying a product like conservatory blinds, we always recommend that you do as much research as possible into the various companies you talk with so you can make sure you will find a trustworthy company who will give you the best possible product and service for your money.

One of the best ways to see how legitimate a company is is to look up the address of their head office. If it’s an actual office building, with full details available online, then you can trust that the company is at least who they say they are. However, some companies will try and hide their true address by use of what is called “accommodation addresses”.

An accommodation address is simply a rented address that a company can use to make themselves appear more legitimate than they actually are. The company doesn't actually work out of that address; it's just used as a way to hide the company's real location. In some cases there can be over 40 different companies all at the same address, even referring customers to each other.

The problem with this is obvious: if you can't tell where a company is really based, then you have no idea how legitimate they actually are. Often this tactic is used by one-man companies trying to look bigger than they actually are, or small companies who want to look like they operate in an expensive area of a city, but sometimes they are used by scammers who will just take your money.

The easiest way to check for something like this is to just search for the address of the company. If you see several companies working out of the same address, or even a website for the building that advertises the fact that it rents out its address, then you know it’s not the real location of the company. You can double-check you're working with a legitimate company by searching for them on Companies House and making sure they're listed.

The two addresses we work out of – our head office in Ewell, Surrey and our conservatory blinds factory in Ashford, Kent – can be easily found with a quick Google search, and both feature showrooms containing our work (with our main showroom being part of our factory) so that potential customers are free to drop by and see our blinds for themselves. You can even watch the video tour of our factory, to see how we make all of our blinds.

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