Recess Fitted Blinds in Folding Doors

Recess Fitted Blinds in Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors have become a popular addition to a room as a way to make it brighter, and as a way of allowing you to open up a room to the outside during the summer. Doing this does come with some downsides: by effectively turning a large part of a wall into glazing you're allowing heat to enter the room and build up, as well as causing problems with glare from the sunlight. It also means you lose a lot of privacy in that room, as almost an entire side of it is now open to the world.

This is why many people have started to add folding door blinds to their room, to give more ways to comfortably use the space. With properly fitted blinds, you can shade the room and keep it cool during hot weather, as well as reduce glare in the room all year round. Just look at how much difference blinds can make to a room with folding doors:

The blinds above were fitted into a set of folding doors in Cornwall, and you can easily see how just retracting all of the blinds changes the room into a glare-free space.

Blinds also have the added bonus of dramatically increasing privacy in the room. If you're worried about being able to see in through the glass of the doors, you can easily extend the blinds to give you peace of mind - something that's especially useful during the night.

Of course there will still be times that you want to have all of the blinds retracted and enjoy the extra sunlight the folding doors offer. In order to get the most out of your doors, you'll need blinds that retract away into a neat stack so they obstruct as little of the view as possible. As you can see from these photos, our pure™ Pleated Blinds are able to retract away neatly to be barely visible when not in use:

With the blinds recess fitted inside the actual frames of the doors, it means that you can still open them without the blinds getting in the way and flapping in the breeze.

Whether or not you are able to fit the blinds directly into each part of the door depends on a few factors, including how much space there is on the frame and what the doors themselves are made out of. For those doors that are able to fit the blinds in the recess of the door frames, you can enjoy the full flexibility of your folding doors, allowing you to choose from an open, sunny room to a comfortable and shaded one.

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