Bespoke Duette Conservatory Blinds

Bespoke Duette Conservatory Blinds

Last year we fitted blinds to this large conservatory in Surrey, where the customer had ordered Duette® Blinds covering the roof, sides and doors. The blinds were fitted in September last year, with these photos taken just under 6 months later.

For the customers, it was very important to keep the heat out of their conservatory. As you can see from the photos, it's used both as a dining room and as an area for watching television, meaning that comfort was very important to them.

Duette® Blinds were ideal for this, as their unique honeycomb structure makes them excellent at keeping the heat out of a conservatory. Their main downside is that this same structure also makes them harder to use in shapes more complex than a rectangle or square and still look neat.

However because of the way we fit Duette® blinds, and because of the years of experience we have in both our factory and installation team, we were able to make neat fitting Duette® roof blinds that were able to cover the various different shapes in the roof.

Some parts of the roof required that we fit obtuse blinds. These are some of the hardest type of shapes blinds to get right - especially with Duette® fabric - and they are impossible to do with most classic blind systems used by a lot of the industry. We were able to make an obtuse blind with Duette® fabric that totally covered the glass with just a single blind, instead of needing to use multiple blinds to cover the same area.


For the side blinds, we used the child-safe SmartCord® system. As the room is used a lot, and as there are items of furniture that are right next to where the blind cord would be, having a system that makes the blind cord much shorter dramatically improves the safety of the room.

When the customer was originally trying to solve the problem of the heat in their conservatory, another option they were considering was replacing the glass in their roof with a solid roof. While this would have had a big effect on how much heat was entering the room, it also would have destroyed the entire light and airy atmosphere of the conservatory. With blinds, the customer was able to keep the conservatory cool during the summer and still keep the original atmosphere of the room.

No matter how big or small your conservatory, orangery or garden room is, we are able to apply the same expert knowledge and keen eye for detail that we used on these blinds to give you blinds that will feel like a natural part of the room. Arrange a quotation with a member of our sales team to find out more.

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