Blind Cord Safety Advice from RoSPA


As part of their "Family Safety Week" last week, The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) hosted a Live Q&A on Facebook where they, in association with Netmums, talked about home safety for young children. As part of this Q&A, they mentioned the importance of blind cord safety:

"We are aware of at least 30 children that have died as a result of strangulation from a looped blind cord.

The standards were updated in 2014 so any blind that is bought now will have breaks in the cords and in the chains, or you can buy a blind which is what we call 'safe by design' which doesn't have any looped cords, which is the best thing to do."

The discussion begins at 29 minutes into this video on their Facebook page.

The "safe by design" style of blind, referred to as the best option for child safe blinds, means that the blind is not controlled by any sort of cord, meaning there is no opportunity for an accident to happen. Our pure™ Pleated Blinds are always Safe By Design whether they have manual or remote control operation.

For blinds that need cord operation we have a variety of child safe options such, as LiteRise ®  and SmartCord® operation, and in the event we do need to fit blinds with looped cords, we make sure they are  always supplied with cleats and break-away connectors.

RoSPA also had some advice for people who already have blinds in their home:

"For those people who have got blinds in their home and have got the looped cords, even if they have got the breaker on we would still suggest that you actually fit a safety device."

As mentioned in the Q&A, looped blind cords are a very real danger to children, and it's always important to make sure you've taken the proper precautions no matter where in the home or conservatory you have your blinds.

To find out more about child safe blinds, watch this video from the British Blind and Shutter Association.

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